Traditional Chai Concentrate

Micro-brewed with 100% organic spices and organic fair trade certified tea. Packaged in half-gallon bottles for food service and quart bottles for retail sales.

171N - Case of Half Gallons (6 per case) $76.75 Order
181N - Case of Quarts (12 per case) $82.20 Order
172N - Half Gallon Bottle $12.92 Order
182N - Quart Bottle $7.02 Order

Sattwa Sun Chai

Exquisitely blended using Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea, and organic spices of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cloves, Sattwa Sun is the finest, tastiest, masala chai on the market. Sattwa Sun is a cup of pure love dedicated to serious chai drinkers around the world! Fifty great servings per bag.

301N - One 10oz bag of Sattwa Sun $15.45 Order
301N - Case of 6 bags, 10oz Sattwa Sun $91.65 Order
325N - One 5 lb box of Sattwa Sun $90.65 Order